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Return Policy

Course Material Purchases (includes Online and In Store purchases)

  1. Cash register receipts ABSOLUTELY required.
  2. If textbooks were purchased by credit card, original credit card must be presented at time of refund.
  3. New books must be clean and unmarked. If the book was shrink-wrapped at the time of purchase, it must be in its original shrink-wrap for a refund.
  4. End of first week of classes - Last day for full refund for course materials.
    Last Day for Full Refund with Receipt
  5.       SUMMER 2018

    FIRST and ALL Summer Semesters: Thursday, May 17.

    SECOND Summer Semester: Thursday, June 21.

          FALL 2018

    Saturday, August 25.

    Rental Books are due back to the store NO LATER than the Last Day of FINALS.

    SUMMER 2018: Friday, July 20.

    FALL 2018: Friday, December 14.

  6. After first week of classes - Current buy back value only.
  7. No Refunds will be given on any book purchased during the last two weeks of class and the final exam period.
  8. T.I.S. Management has final say on book condition.
  9. Course Packs, Reference books, Cliff Notes and Study Aides are non-refundable.
  10. T.I.S. reserves the right to request a Student I.D. for full refund.
  11. Plastic-wrapped or otherwise sealed books, packages, CDs and pin/passcodes are non-refundable if the seal has been broken or pin/passcodes have been activated.
  12. No Refunds on workshop books.
  13. A non-activated eBook may be returned with receipt. Once an eBook has been activated at it is no longer returnable. For a refund on a non-activated eBook purchased online, please call or email us.


  1. Refunds accepted with receipt if merchandise is not washed or damaged. No refunds or exchanges will be approved for items with unusual odors or with pet hair.
  2. If no receipt, an exchange or store credit may be possible
  3. Sale items may be returned for exchange only.
  4. Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase.


  1. Full refund, credit, or exchange on gift, greek, and Ball State University items returned in original packaging with sales receipt.
  2. No refunds for merchandise on sale.
  3. Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase.


  1. Full refund, credit, or exchange on general school supply items returned with original packaging and sales receipt.
  2. No returns for items on sale.
  3. Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase.